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We believe the only way to choose the right insurance coverage for your family, personal property, and business is to be informed about insurance up front. Our insurance resources are a source of information that cover every topic of insurance you could possibly want to explore.

Insurance resources

Learn more about the following insurance topics while you continue your insurance education.

  • Glossary of Terms: Do you know what an assigned risk, a contingent beneficiary, or an insurance rider is? Learn what these terms mean (and more) by checking out our Glossary of Terms. Insurance can be a confusing space. Take time to learn the basics, look up a curious term, or understand your policy’s language better.
  • Business Insurance 101: This resource will take you through the process of insuring your small business, from shopping to making claims. You’ll find answers to all your questions about the insurance marketplace, workers’ compensation, liability insurance issues, and special small business insurance needs. We recommend reading through these resources completely before shopping for insurance. Educating yourself will allow you to ask the important questions to make sure you’re getting the best coverage.
  • Insurance FAQs: When you’ve worked in insurance as long as we have, the nuances of the business become second nature. But we know the general public doesn’t always understand the ins and outs of every aspect of insurance. The FAQ section of our insurance resources is there to answer the most common questions we’re asked as insurance professionals. We’re happy to answer any question you may have, but this is a great place to start, or to check after hours when we may not be readily available to answer them ourselves.
  • Personal Insurance: This page will help you learn more about homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and renters insurance. We discuss why insuring your personal property is important, how much coverage you might need, and what this coverage means when and if disaster strikes. This resource section also provides a cornucopia of helpful tips and answers to the most common questions about insuring your valued possessions.
  • Life and Health Insurance: Shopping around for life and health insurance is generally low on everybody’s list of enjoyable activities, but with our resource section on the topic, you can learn all about the different offerings, what they mean when it comes to the claim process, and how you should protect your future in the most strategic way.
  • Insurance News Feed: Stay up to date with the latest in insurance news. Sure, it’s not the most exciting news topic on the internet, but it is definitely one of the most important. Updated 24 hours a day, our insurance news feed will bring you the latest innovations in insurance, making sure your policy is current with the most promising trends on the market.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about your current policy or you’d like to educate yourself before beginning the buying process, our insurance resources are always here for you. Some of our clients would prefer to simply pick up the phone and talk to us, and that’s great! But for those of you who enjoy a little individual education, feel free to click around and learn more about the world of insurance.

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